Wednesday, December 21, 2005 

Python Creator Guido van Rossum now working at Google

Ah.. this is interesting..

When I saw that Microsoft hired the Jython/Ironpython creator.. I figured Google would do some move like this.. in light of the fact that Google leans on Python so much.Lets hope that CPython moves along on a faster path now.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005 

Drudge on Reid's Patriot Act's signing photo op..

One Republican strategist familiar with the photo said, “Democrats think they can regain the majority? Not a chance if they continue to put politics above what’s best for the country. Harry Reid is making a colossal miscalculation, but it's not the first time and thankfully for us, probably not the last.”

Yeah.. just like the dems made a "colossal miscalculation" regarding Terri Schiavo and Social Security. I seem to remember the warning from the GOP, including the Prez, on how they would pay the political price.. Whatever.



ODBC Module

Arg.. I wish this page was more up2date... Or there was evidence that people were using this module.

How on earth can this be the top link on Google for "python odbc"?