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Sunday, October 09, 2005 

Chalabi: a modern day Ron Rivest..

TPM had this link to 'a young blogger' that witnessed the Chalabi speech to the AEI. The post ends with the author discussing his post-speech conversation with Christopher Hitchens, the hawkiest liberal this side of.. well.. anyway.. The topic turns to if Hitchens thinks Chalabi passed US codes to the Iranians.. Hitchens says that Chalabi, being the mathematical genius he is, prolly broke the codes on his own time.. for fun.. but he didn't pass them to the enemy.

When I read this my thoughts were something like, "this isn't WWII when codes could be cracked with an abacus.. this is the 21st century where a cluster of 1000s of servers can't crack a 'simple' 128bit SSL key." Either someone (in the current administration) gave him the 'codes' thus he gave them to Iran.. or not. Period.

Read the comments to the blog post, many people had my same thought.