Thursday, March 15, 2007 

Charlie Rose on Google Video...

Although Charlie Rose is the master of spouting CV... I am a fan of the show. His show does seem to pry more (insight) out of his guests that your average 24hr cable TV newz show.

Google Video has been hosting his shows for a while now.. and from then to now, they have been playing with various methods with how to pay for it.. He and Google have tried things like...
  • Have the 'current' episode free via streaming.. but pay for the d/l version. At the same time, all 'archive' shows were for pay.. with the first three minutes free.
  • Have all shows free for streaming.. but play one or two commercials during the stream. Again, all d/l versions are pay.
Now.. it seems like the whole catalog is free for streaming.. but its IMPOSSIBLE to get a search of all the episodes in date order thus its very hard to find the 'current' how.. Arg..

Google.. fix Charlie Rose!


Wednesday, December 21, 2005 

Python Creator Guido van Rossum now working at Google

Ah.. this is interesting..

When I saw that Microsoft hired the Jython/Ironpython creator.. I figured Google would do some move like this.. in light of the fact that Google leans on Python so much.Lets hope that CPython moves along on a faster path now.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005 

Drudge on Reid's Patriot Act's signing photo op..

One Republican strategist familiar with the photo said, “Democrats think they can regain the majority? Not a chance if they continue to put politics above what’s best for the country. Harry Reid is making a colossal miscalculation, but it's not the first time and thankfully for us, probably not the last.”

Yeah.. just like the dems made a "colossal miscalculation" regarding Terri Schiavo and Social Security. I seem to remember the warning from the GOP, including the Prez, on how they would pay the political price.. Whatever.



ODBC Module

Arg.. I wish this page was more up2date... Or there was evidence that people were using this module.

How on earth can this be the top link on Google for "python odbc"?


Sunday, October 09, 2005 

Chalabi: a modern day Ron Rivest..

TPM had this link to 'a young blogger' that witnessed the Chalabi speech to the AEI. The post ends with the author discussing his post-speech conversation with Christopher Hitchens, the hawkiest liberal this side of.. well.. anyway.. The topic turns to if Hitchens thinks Chalabi passed US codes to the Iranians.. Hitchens says that Chalabi, being the mathematical genius he is, prolly broke the codes on his own time.. for fun.. but he didn't pass them to the enemy.

When I read this my thoughts were something like, "this isn't WWII when codes could be cracked with an abacus.. this is the 21st century where a cluster of 1000s of servers can't crack a 'simple' 128bit SSL key." Either someone (in the current administration) gave him the 'codes' thus he gave them to Iran.. or not. Period.

Read the comments to the blog post, many people had my same thought.


Me too: I was JUST thinking about this a few days ago...

In this post on TPM a reader asks Josh about if the administration is pushing their "we don't do torture.. but dangerous people are trying to kill us so we need to do torture.. but we don't do torture" line.. how in the world is Lyndie England even spending a day in jail while the Donny and Dick, the cooks who cooked this brew, are running free..